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  1. @TimeAffluent I’ll keep you posted, for sure.
    Thanks for asking, it was a long one! And we’re not used to being outside for so long, so when we got home we just crashed, slept for about four hours! Not it’s close to 2AM and can’t get back to it!
    How is your day going ?

  2. @maique Taking naps during the day is tricky as you later risking being up all night, hope you get some more rest soon. It was another hot day here so I took it easy… we supposed to get finally thunderstorms tonight which is great for the garden, it’s been so dry here.

  3. @TimeAffluent Today it was not intentional, just lying in bed for a quick rest, while browsing M.b, and it happened. When i woke up I found out we’d all been doing the same 😂 Days are getting a bit colder here, hope you get your thunderstorm. Haven’t seen one of those in ages!

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