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  1. The web needs to take itself less seriously. It’s barely out of its twenties and suddenly it’s all like “I can’t make fansites for hippos anymore, I have businesses to run”.It used to be cooler. It used to be weirder.As Sarah Drasner puts it in “In Defense of a Fussy Website”:

    While we’re all laser-focused on shipping the newest feature with the hottest software and the best Lighthouse scores, I’ve been missing a bit of the joy on the web. Apps are currently conveying little care for UX, guidance, richness, and — well, for humans trying to communicate through a computer, we’re certainly bending a lot to… the computer.

    I really liked that post, so I made small website meant to showcase how a more personal web could look like, and hopefully give someone else inspiration to make their own corner of the web a bit weirder.# More whimsy, please!Introducing: The Whimsical Web – a curated list of sites with an extra bit of fun.I’ve collected a few of my favorites to start, but anyone can add a site to the list if it’s fun, quirky and personal.Just open an issue on Github and let me know.Let’s see some fussy websites!

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