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Liked Tempus Fugit Version 1.0 for WordPress Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske (david.shanske.com)

Tempus Fugit, my latest plugin, has been released. It is a split of several time based WordPress enhancements from other projects, something I intend to continue to iterate on. The On This Day Archive pages, available at /onthisday and /onthisday/03/09 The On This Day Widget All Date Based Archives …

Annotated The Glass Box And The Commonplace Book by Steven Berlin JohnsonSteven Berlin Johnson (stevenberlinjohnson.com)

…the frozen nature of the text seem more like a feature than a bug, something they’ve deliberated chosen, rather than a flaw that they didn’t have time to correct. 

The thoughtfulness and design of of Hypothes.is is incredibly valuable to me specifically because it dramatically increases my textual productivity in combination with my digital commonplace book.

How can I also connect this to the Jeremy Dean‘s idea of it helping to facilitate a conversation with texts. Nate Angell had a specific quote/annotation of it somewhere, but it might also reside in this document: Web Annotation as Conversation and Interruption.