It was nice to meet you. Hope to see you again and thanks for Yarns Microsub Server tip. Already using it.
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I attended the online meetup of Homebrew Website Club Europe/London (in sleep deprived and hungry) and had a nice evening meeting new people. Also subbed to some cool new blogs for my reader. May check-in again 😀
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I’ll be there Chris. Thanks.
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This will be a broad-based introduction to the IndieWeb session specifically focused on using WordPress. Our aim is to help people get set up and running a self-hosted IndieWeb-based website with WordPress though some of our discussion will work for versions as well.

I would love to participate. As I am in the Lisbon Timezone, something between 2100 UTC+1 (1300 PDT) and 0000 UTC+1 (1600 PDT) would be nice.
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I’m planning on setting up up a regularly recurring Domain of One’s Own focused online meetup in the mold of Homebrew Website Clubs or WordPress meetups. People can ask questions, get help, collaborate, demo technology and ways they’re using their domains.
I’m thinking monthly to start, but …

This issue of privacy has been a concern for me over the years. New attractive services  that promise a new technological world appear every day and we do not always pay due attention to the terms of use. And it’s just our fault.
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Google did not become this rich by selling potatoes. Also, Google is not your kind father who provides without any expectations. Google is data-hungry and it takes care of you so it can get more of your data. Imagine a farmer who takes a good care of its cow.
The farmer doesn’t love the cow. The f…


I see your point and I agree with you. I was trying to underline the advantages of a software that respects user rights. So, I thank you for your comment on the subject and reply.

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It’s a reply to “Wanna try Jitsi Meet?” by Paulo Pinto.
I believe referring to a software libre as an alternative to a proprietary software is not right. Most software libre are not created to replace something. They have been created to satisfy a need for a service or software and are license…