What are Sketchnotes?

Sketchnotes are rich visual notes created from a mix of handwriting, drawings, hand-drawn typography, shapes, and visual elements like arrows, boxes, and lines.

Sketchnotes don’t require special drawing skills, but do require you to listen and visually synthesize and summarize ideas via writing, drawing and icons. Here are a few samples of what sketchnotes can look like:


Google presents itself to independent sellers as cheaper and less restrictive. But it is not clear whether it can change people’s habits of going straight to Amazon.

One monopolist trying to compete with another monopolist. monopolist vs monopolist = surveillance capitalism.

from Hypothesis Stream https://ift.tt/3dgLqzJ

The Post Kinds plugin, essentially an extended version of WordPress’s core Post Formats functionality, allows one to make a variety of types of posts on one’s website that mirrors the functionality provided in a huge variety of social media platforms. This is useful if you’re owning all of your own data and syndicating it out to social silos, but it’s also great for providing others better user interface for reading and consuming what you’re posting.

The advantage of using Post Kinds in WordPress